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2016/17 Program Registration Open!

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Details regarding all programs and cost from 4-18 years of age can be found by clicking on the ‘programs and fees’ tab on our website

The Vernon Ski Club is excited to present its programs for the upcoming 2016/17 season. This season we made some changes which reflect our mission of ‘Excellence in Skiing and in Life’. Our goal is to provide the best possible environment at every level to give every child the best experience and most opportunity to succeed.

We are excited to announce that the Snowsports School will be offering the ‘U7 Rippers’ program which will give our youngest athletes the best possible start in skiing. Key features of this program include:

•Ski more with Lift Line Privileges through the SnowSports School Entrance
•Same coach throughout the entire 11 Week Program
•Use of certified CSIA / CSCF/ CFSA / CASI coaches
•The meeting area within Silver Star Adventure Centre creates a safe and warm gathering spot.
•Measurable outcomes – coaches will keep a log of children’s progress as they run through a step-by-step process to build their skill base and review this progression log with each parent throughout the season.
•Fun non-competitive events on mountain
•Interclub events with Silver Star Freestyle Club and Vernon Ski Club

All athletes born 2010 and earlier should register with the Snowsport School U7 Rippers program.

Starting this season we will be offering more in-house racing for all our club racers. The goal is to reduce the pressure to travel to competitions and give our young athletes (and their parents) more exposure to the competitive environment. More details to follow.

We are also strengthening our coaching staff. The club has made a significantly higher investment this year in retaining some very high quality people with a diverse skill set to work with VSC athletes. This coaching staff is led by Andrew Lambert (Head Coach; academy and U16 Coach); Ian Chernencoff (academy, U14 coach and videographer) and Rodger Poole (U12 coach, EL coordinator). New additions will be announced in November.

It’s going to be an exciting year – THINK SNOW!

Andrew Lambert
Vernon Ski Club Head Coach

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Racer Night at Olympia Oct 20th 6-8pm

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Olympia Cycle and Ski will again be supporting our athletes by providing access to the best equipment at a discounted rate. Assistance will be provided by the pros at Olympia and your ski coaches on the best choices for this winter.

We are excited to announce that Olympia will be stocking UVEX race helmets and goggles this year. Important you find the right lid as all U14s and U16s are required to have a helmet with the FIS certified sticker in order to start – stay tuned for more information.

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When? Oct 14 (Consignment Drop Off 3:30-7pm) & Oct 15 (Public Sale 8:30-3:30)

Where? The Vernon Rec Centre, 3310 37th Ave, Vernon

Silverstar Mountain will be on hand!

What kind of Payment do you accept?

Also remember, we must charge tax on ‘white tag’ items that are being sold by our participating retailers. Please don’t give our cashiers a hard time……. (they don’t make up the rules!)

What else should I know?
To help maintain security, we DO NOT allow any backpacks, large purses or bulky jackets/ski clothing to be worn into the SWAP. Please leave these items at home! If you insist on bringing these items, you will be asked to leave them at the door. Items left at the door are the sole responsibility of the owner. Our security staff reserve the right to check all items that are leaving the building. You can fully expect security to be doing their jobs, please respect them!

I have equipment to sell. What do I do?
Bring your equipment to the Vernon Recreation Center Auditorium, Friday October 14th 2016 from 3:30 PM until 7:00 PM.

Does it cost anything to consign my equipment?
YES! There is a $2.00 consignment ticket that must be purchased for each item that you want sold. REMEMBER: we only accept CASH to purchase the consignment tickets. If your equipment sells, we also collect a* 20% commission on the sale price of the item.*

What type of equipment can I bring?
We accept alpine and cross country skis, snowboards, boots, poles and ski clothing. We DO NOT accept equipment that has been poorly maintained or is a potential safety hazard. Older model straight (alpine) skis are not accepted. Our staff retain the right to refuse any equipment.

How do I know if my equipment has sold?
Pay-out runs from 12:30 PM until 3:30 PM on Saturday October 15th 2016. Check back at the auditorium any time after 12:30 to see if your equipment has sold. If your item has sold, we will pay-out the value of the equipment less the 20% commission.

What if it doesn’t sell?
You can simply pick up your equipment any time before 3:30 PM on Saturday.

I missed the pay out time on Saturday and didn’t get back to check for my equipment. Now what?
Equipment that is left behind on Saturday becomes the property of the Vernon Ski Club. DON’T MISS THE PAY-OUT TIME!

But it SOLD and you owe me my money! DON’T MISS the PAY-OUT TIME!
Depending on the situation, we may pay you out after the sale, however an additional service charge will be added. (DON’T MISS THE PAY-OUT TIME!)

I can’t find my equipment on the floor and there is no record of the sale and appears to have gone missing. Now what?
We have numerous security people on site that work hard to ensure that equipment doesn’t go missing, however we cannot be held responsible for any lost or stolen equipment. You can minimize your risk by ensuring that your items are securely tagged when you check them in. ALSO REMEMBER, many items that cannot be accounted for at the time of pay out are found during final clean up and accounting. If we find something that has been recorded as missing, we will contact you.

Any final hints?
Great deals can be found at the ski swap, but everyone wants in on the action. EXPECT the swap to be busy! PLEASE be patient and treat our volunteers with respect. They are working hard to make this a great community event.
psssst: DON’T MISS the PAY-OUT TIME!


Who is this for?

This program is for kids aged 8-12 years who would like to improve their athleticism and prepare for skiing.

Who is eligible?

Anyone 8-12 years of age who plans to register with a Vernon Ski Club program. Priority will be given to kids who are registering for our Race Tigers, U12, or U14 program.

What are the activities, dates and times?

Tuesdays 5-630 pm Kidston Park, Coldstream (warm up, games, balance, agility, intro to strength etc)
Thursdays 7-8pm Gymnastics North Valley Gym, Vernon.

How do I register?

Click on the registration button on our website and follow instructions.