Program Details: November 19 - April 20

8:30am - 3:30pm Meet at the top of Cloud Nine

- U14 A                            4 day / week program: 90 days

- U14 B                            2 day / week program: 60 days


Costs: (included in the program fee is: BC Alpine Membership / Okanagan Zone Fee, Club Cabin improvement fee)

- Payment schedule for program fees is ½ by Sept 15, the remaining by Nov 15 – e-transfer to payvsc@gmail.com or cheque made out to Vernon Ski Club


U14 A  - 4 day / week program Early Bird - Best Price (July 1 - Sept 14): $2,849. Early Bird (Sept 15 - Nov 14): $2,991. Regular Price (Nov 15 and after): $3,134
U14 B  - 2 day / week program Early Bird - Best Price (July 1 - Sept 14): $2,502. Early Bird (Sept 15 - Nov 14): $2,627. Regular Price (Nov 15 and after):  $2,752



Calendar:  You will be connected with the TeamSnap calendar when you register.


-Race accounts: each athlete from U12-U16/U18 has a race account with Vernon Ski Club from which the club can quickly and easily withdrawal costs affiliated with races and camps (lift ticket, race entry fee, applicable food costs, applicable transportation costs, applicable accommodation costs, coach costs) that each athlete attends. Families are required to keep a positive balance in the Race Account and payment schedules are offered as a way to disperse these costs throughout the season. For U14, many athletes spend approximately $2000 through their Race Accounts so please pay $400 on Nov 1, Dec 1, Jan 1, Feb 1, March 1. Payments are to be made to payvsc@gmail.com or by cheque to Vernon Ski Club. Any positive balance at the end of the season will be returned to the athlete’s family.


Skiers who are 12 or 13 years old (2012, 2011 Year of birth) and who have come through U12 (there are many pathways however and if you did not come through U12 and feel prepared for U14, contact Rodger Poole at rodgerpoole@gmail.com) should consider the U14 Program (consistent with Alpine Canada's "Train to Train" stage https://ltad.alpinecanada.org/stages/train-to-train) for either the 2 day per week or 4 day per week option (Thursday - Sunday). There are many pathways to skiing excellence however, and if you did not come through U12 and feel prepared for U14, contact Rodger Poole at rodgerpoole@gmail.com to ensure the program is a good fit for you.

This program starts as soon as the snow flies and runs through to the end of the season. U14 runs from 8:30am - 3:30pm each training day and works to apply the skills developed in the previous years to becoming more consistent in challenging terrain and competitive environments.

Success in competition is measured by being able to apply what you have been developing in training, not necessarily winning the race. Fun is found in different forms with social involvement becoming ever more important and team building being a cornerstone to a healthy team atmosphere. Although ski racing is an individual sport, some of the strongest support will come from your teammates who you will learn to count on and who will also learn to count on you.


Dryland training becomes more important at this stage and VSC offers the "Snowsports Academy" which is available to students in Grade 8 and up through School District 22. For more details on the Snowsports Academy, look under the Athletics Tab.



As a member of the Vernon Ski Club, you and your family are encouraged to make use of the VSC Club Cabin. The parent lounge is upstairs where you can meet the other amazing parents in the club, and there are eating areas on the main level and on the lower level for the athletes. There is also a tuning area and some limited ski storage. Parents are welcome to come into the Race Centre and observe the training sessions, or help slip the race courses or volunteer in other ways.

If you have questions about this or any of our programs, contact Rodger Poole at rodgerpoole@gmail.com